Dry Wire Drawing Machines

Machine à tréfiler

Steel Wire Drawing Machines

Steel wire drawing machines series MBK are designed for high performance, reliability, easy for use and easy of maintenance. Mashtronics is leader in develop and manufacturing for the wire drawing machines in Serbia.

Mashtronics MBK series are multipass line with die for reduction, with tilted block and sensor arm for speed control. The drive of capstan, are obtained through AC Motors (with integrated encoder and forced cooling) connected by belt drive and gearbox.

Frame body is designed and built in sturdy, electro-welded steel plate. Body comes in one or more multiple-block sections protected with color for painting and fitted with bolts for lifting, transport and installation.

Drawing capstain (drawing block) are made of steel coated with a layer of tungsten carbide to improve its resistance to wear. Capstain are cooled using a high-turbulence water flow. Cooling water is fed to the capstain and dies through two separate tube circuits

Mashtronics engineers allows us to offer and design special machines according to customer’s request.