Steel Wire Drawing Machine MBK-8/300

13 June 19
Wire drawing machines for thin wire

Mashtronics MBK series of wire drawing machine are multipass wire drawing machine with die or rolling cassette for reduction, with tilted block connected by V belts and gear-boxes and dancer arm with rolls for speed synchronization allows the MBK the high-speed drawing of medium and fine wire diameter. According to the technical specifications of the machine, it can achieve speeds up to 25 m / sec

MBK-8/300 is designed to drawn wire to the minimum 0.4 mm. Using Siemens motors and Siemens PLC the machine reaches a high speed drawing and reliable operation when working in all three shifts. Using SKF bearings and central lubrication of main bearing we achieve long-lasting and reliable work.

Frame body is designed and built in sturdy, electro-welded steel plate. Body comes in one or more multiple-block sections protected with color for painting and fitted with bolts for lifting, transport and installation.

The capstain, die box, AC motors, gearbox, V belts, brakes, safety guards, water tube are pre-assembled on the frame body and tested in Mashtronics assembly factory.

Machine à tréfiler à grande vitesse

machine à tréfiler à grande vitesse

Drawing capstain (drawing block) are made of steel coated with a layer of tungsten carbide. Capstain are cooled using a high-turbulence water flow. Cooling water is fed to the capstain and dies through two separate tube circuits.

According to customer request it is possible to use fixed die-holder or rotating die holder. In all of our die boxes is an automatic mixing of drawing soup.

All electrical components and electro mechanical components come from leading suppliers and are available world wide such as Siemens motors, Siemens PLC, Siemens Display, Hager….

Wire drawing machines for thin wire

Wire drawing machine manufacturer

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